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Why buy from us

why buy from us?  we are committed to supporting fair-trade in 12+ different countries. This small business is ran buy a changer, someone that cares about making a difference to the planet, lifestyle and culture.  We need a ray of light on the retail industry to reduce  needless exploitation of workers across the globe.  We want to see change happen in areas such as child marriage and abuse.  We want to ensure skills are continued in families from generation to generation.  How about you become part of this generation of making a difference.

Why are we different and what about helping those in our local area too?

Theres a point that is special to us.  We provide advice and support in the shop in north Yorkshire, Redcar and Cleveland, Saltburn by the Sea. We run workshops and therapies to promote wellbeing and self help  in our The Healing Room.

Why are we different?

This shop is ran with a big open heart for community. We are open to everyone, any race, culture, background, gender and being.

We work with only reputable fair trade wholesalers who work on the same principles as us.  Eco, end child poverty, sustainable, fair.  Each of our products has a story about the families its supporting or the arrangements to provide healthcare and benefits that other companies wouldn’t provide in third world countries.  Feel good with your choice to spend on something with added concern for others.   

Trust us we are an every day shop in a seaside town.  If you have any issue please contact us and we will try to fix it.  Namaste, best wishes, hope you enjoy our shop.