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lampshade workshop arc

Try It At ARC: How To Make A Lampshade

This session is the perfect opportunity for anybody with an interest in interior design to try their hand at it while exploring their artistic talents, as they are guided through the process of designing and fabricating a lampshade.

Choosing from a range of designs participants will develop an understanding of foundation skills neccasary in interior design as they create a lampshade to take at the end of the session.

Stockton based environmental designer Ness Brigham will lead the session, she has been working in textile design since graduating in Graphic Arts in 2014.  She now works from her studio on Stockton Riverside where she experiements with printmaking and textile design.

She has sold her designs on Stockton High Street and at the Festival of Thrift  as well as from her fair trade Home and Gift shop, Love Earth Store.

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Lampshade Making Workshop

May 2016, Arc Stockton, £45